The District’s Board Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 8am, unless posted otherwise. They are held in the community room at the West Metro Station 15, where our office is located. The public is always welcomed to attend.

2022 Board Election – Meet the Candidates (PDF, 1MB)

June 15, 2022 Board Meeting Packet

RWSD office

Minutes (PDF, 135KB)
GM Report – RWSD (PDF, 240KB)
GM Report – PVH (PDF, 293KB)
Operations Report (PDF, 176KB)
Engineering Report (PDF, 151KB)

Minutes (PDF, 69KB)
GM Report – RWSD (PDF, 857KB)
GM Report – PVH (PDF, 120KB)
Operations Report (PDF, 175KB)
Engineering Report (PDF, 150KB)

Minutes (PDF, 80KB)
GM Report – RWSD (PDF, 242KB)
GM Report – PVH (PDF, 132KB)
Operations Report (PDF, 153KB)
Engineering Report (PDF, 26KB)

Minutes (PDF, 63KB)
GM Report – RWSD (PDF, 289KB)
GM Report – PVH (PDF, 130KB)
Operations Report (PDF, 153KB)
Engineering Report (PDF, 25KB)

Minutes (PDF, 63KB)
GM Report – RWSD (PDF, 272KB)
GM Report – PVH (PDF, 136KB)
Operations Report (PDF, 197KB)
Engineering Report (PDF, 25KB)

The District’s Board of Directors

If you would like more information about the Board meetings, please contact us 303-979-7286.