The Board

Board members are required to be property owners within the District and must be registered voters in Douglas County. Board members are elected by District’s electorate. Board members may serve two consecutive four year terms.

Present Board Members:

  • Keith Lehmann, President
  • Kenneth Maas, Vice President
  • Stephen Throneberry, Treasurer
  • Dave Bane, Secretary
  • Christine Thomas, Assistant Secretary

Board meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at 8am in the conference room at the District office unless otherwise specified.

Board Meeting Minutes

Keith Lehmann, President

A resident of Colorado since the early 70s, Keith Lehmann is a property owner and lives in Chatfield East. He has served as President of the Chatfield East Property Owners Association for over two decades. Active in the community, he was instrumental in working on behalf of Chatfield East’s residents to connect to Roxborough Water and Sanitation District’s water system and to stop relying on depleting groundwater sources.

Keith is President of Group Medical Marketing, founded in 1994, which provides employee-benefits insurance.  In 1999, he served as President of the Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters.

As an active outdoor enthusiast of what Colorado has to offer, Keith enjoys fishing and other activities in his free time.

Kenneth Maas, Vice President

Ken and his wife, Dee, built their home in Roxborough Park over 20 years ago. They have enjoyed the life style and beauty of the area through those years. Ken has served with various community organizations, such as Douglas County City Planning Boards, Roxborough Water and Sanitation District’s Board of Directors, Douglas County Board of Adjustment, and numerous other local efforts.

For nearly 40 years, Ken worked professionally with residential land development and construction efforts in the Colorado area. Said Ken, “I am proud to again serve the District and pledge to encourage a quality, reliable water and sewer infrastructure, for our everyday comfort.”

Stephen Throneberry, Treasurer

Steve and his wife Julia moved to Roxborough in 2014. They quickly put down roots and started a family that now includes two vibrant boys. Steve has the intention of living in this great community for many years to come, is grateful for everything it has provided for his family, and would be honored to give back and serve on the board. Steve graduated from Truman State University with a bachelor of science degree in business administration with an emphasis in management and a minor in economics. He spent a decade running a finance/real-estate company followed by a decade in the IT industry. He currently manages several teams across disciplines including virtualization, networking, and voice. He would come to the table with a fair and logical point of view with an eye on maintaining a good balance of excellent water quality and fiscal responsibility.

Dave Bane, Secretary

Dave is a fourth-generation Colorado native and graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. While now retired, Dave was a System’s Administrator for Jefferson County Public Schools and served 24 years as President of the Lakehurst Water and Sanitation District in Littleton, CO. He has been a resident of Roxborough Park for over 20 years and served on the Roxborough Water & Sanitation District Board (Board) from 2008 to 2016, leaving as its President. Elected to serve on the Board for another term in 2020, he is married to Vickie Bane, father of two adult boys, and five grandkids.

Christine Thomas, Assistant Secretary

Christine Thomas has been a Roxborough resident since 2005.  Active in the community, she served on the Roxborough Park Foundation Homeowners Association’s Board. She was also President of the Junior Symphony Guild, President of Windflowers Group, and is currently serving on the Roxborough Design Review Committee. She holds an undergraduate degree from Kent State University, Ohio. During her career, Christine worked as a school teacher, retail buyer, and sales representative.

While Christine is pleased with the remarkable progress the District has made over the last decade, she wants to ensure that the District continues to have clean reliable water, dependable infrastructure, and to keep rates affordable.