At the annual public hearing on rates on March 16, proposed rate changes were reviewed and approved. To continue to encourage efficient water use and conservation and cover the 2.5% increase in Aurora’s rates, the Board of Directors approved the following new water usage tiers and water usage increases:


Tier 1 0-5,000 gallons $5.30 per thousand gallons
Tier 2 5,001-10,000 gallons $5.75 per thousand gallons
Tier 3 10,001 – 20,000 gallons $7.00 per thousand gallons
Tier 4 20,001 – 40,000 gallons $8.50 per thousand gallons
Tier 5 40,001 gallons and up $13.75 per thousand gallons


This is the third year the District has kept the same rate for Tier 1 water use.

The new tiers are consistent with other similar towns and districts in the south metro area. Tier 1 is intended to cover essential, indoor water use. In the winter, 73% of Roxborough WSD residents use 5,000 or less per month. In the summer, 55% of residents use 10,000 gallons or less.

In addition, the Board approved a $0.50 increase in the Base Monthly Charge from $36.50 to $37. The Base Monthly Charge ensures the District has stable revenues to cover fixed costs of operation and administration.

For sewer, the District operates the wastewater collection and transmission system to convey wastewater to the City of Littleton for treatment. For 2022, Littleton raised its rates 4.9%, and the District’s Board approved passing this increase on to residential and commercial customers. Residential sewer rates went from $40.50 to $42.50 per month. Commercial customers in the District pay the base monthly sewer charge plus $2.16/1,000 gallons of water use.

Finally, the District uses a buy-in methodology to calculate its System Development Charge (SDC or tap fee) that requires to connections to pay their pro rata share of existing facilities and the cost of the permanent water supply plus planned projects. This is a one-time fee that is charged when a Connection Permit is issued for a new property. For 2022 the water SDC will increase from $32,044 to $35,852, and the sewer SDC will increase from $15,123 to $16,541.

To view the presentation given to the Board, please click here.

All new rates and charges are effective March 25, 2022.

Barbara Biggs, General Manager Roxborough Water & Sanitation District Read Barbara Biggs’ BIO