Upcoming Work Within The Next 2 Weeks – December 12 – December 23:
Updated 12/9/2022

Map of Construction 

Construction of the waterline has been completed and the contractor is now finalizing site restoration for the winter. We want to extend our sincerest appreciation to everyone in our community for your patience while the waterline construction has been ongoing. We understand the construction of the new transmission main has not been easy on our community. We want to thank everyone for your efforts to accommodate the construction as this project was necessary to meet water needs and improve fire suppression capabilities to help keep our community safe.

Construction operations will be winding down shortly with asphalt patching of the disturbed areas in Rampart Range Road planned to be completed Friday, December 9th or early the week of Monday, December 12th. Once the asphalt patching is finished, traffic control will be removed from Rampart Range Road and all lanes of traffic will be reopened to vehicles.

Sections of the concrete walking path in the open space east of Rampart Range Road are also planned to be replaced the week of Monday, December 12th. Revegetation of open spaces will be ongoing the next few weeks as the contractor works to restore the area to the condition it was prior to construction. Through the winter, there may be isolated traffic impacts as the contractor works to complete revegetation of disturbed areas.

In the spring, there will be additional asphalt work involving mill and overlay of the road surface to improve how the patched areas will hold up to traffic long term. Additional information on construction operations planned for the spring will be provided as we get closer to performing that work.