Upcoming Work Within The Next 2 Weeks – June 27-July 8:
Updated 6/24/2022

Map of Construction Area

The construction staging area is currently operational on the east of Rampart Range Road across from Verandah Court. Crews will be actively working to minimize impacts to area residents from operations at the staging area and mitigate any dust generation. The eastern walking path is currently closed through the staging area while the western walking path will remain open to the community throughout construction. Construction traffic will be entering and exiting the staging area across the western walking path throughout construction to facilitate the movement and delivery of materials. Please use caution while utilizing the walking paths in the area.

Traffic control is currently in place on Rampart Range Road where lane closures and an adjusted traffic pattern have been implemented to route traffic around the work zone. Lane closures are shown in the “Map of Construction Area” at the link above. Entrance and Exit from Rampart Range Road to intersecting streets will remain open through the traffic control area.

Transmission Main Replacement in Rampart Range Road will begin at the intersection of Rampart Range Road and the southern end of Village Circle East starting on June 27th. Asphalt in the eastern northbound lane has been milled to allow installation of the transmission main. Water line installation will then proceed to the north toward the intersection of Rampart Range Road and the northern end of Village Circle East. Lane closures and traffic control may be adjusted as the water line installation continues northward.

Please be vigilant as you travel through the work zone to ensure the safety of our community and construction personnel. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to complete this construction as quickly and efficiently as possible.