Every spring, the Roxborough Water and Sanitation District (RWSD or District) completes our annual flushing of the distribution system. Flushing the distribution system removes any naturally occurring minerals in the water that may adhere to the water pipes during the winter when use is low, thereby protecting water quality and avoiding any problems with discolored water (see the Hydrant Flushing FAQ at https://www.roxwater.org/faqs/ for more details). Flushing also provides an opportunity to test hydrants throughout our system to ensure they are in good working condition. We post electronic signs throughout the District well in advance of the start of the annual flushing to let residents know this annual event is occurring.

Flushing relies on high velocity flows to accomplish the water quality goals. So you’ll see hydrants running full blast and water running along the curb and cutter to the storm sewers in most of the District. There are some areas where we must rely on natural drainages, ditches, and culverts, so please try to keep those areas free of weeds, bushes, debris, sand, and gravel. We work very hard to avoid any impact to private property.

The 2022 flushing program has commenced and should be complete by the end of April, weather permitting. We will post updates on our website (www.roxwater.org) and post an electronic sign at the entrance to Roxborough Park prior to the start. Please make sure any ditches and culverts are free of weeds, bushes, and debris and accumulated sand and gravel.

Efficiently providing you with safe, reliable water is our number one priority, and we take it very seriously. Our dedicated team of professionals work very hard to meet the needs of our customers. The annual flushing program is an integral part of that work, and we do our very best to do it in a way that keeps the water safe and causes as little inconvenience as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Barbara Biggs, General Manager Roxborough Water & Sanitation District Read Barbara Biggs’ BIO