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A big thank you to the volunteers that have been helping us monitor the safety of Roxborough’s drinking water!

Every six months the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) requires us, RWSD, to test for lead and copper in the water at the faucets of 60 homes in the community.  The CDPHE’s regulations are very specific about how we select the homes to test the water and encourage repeat sampling at the same homes every year.  The regulations are also very specific that it is the homeowner that collects the sample, RWSD’s staff is only allowed to drop off and pick up the sample bottles and deliver the samples to a certified laboratory for analysis.

A little history: Prior to 1951, lead was commonly used in water service lines.  Fortunately none of the homes in RWSD’s service area were constructed prior to 1951, so there are no lead service lines in our service area.  There is some risk, however, of exposure to lead from faucets and other plumbing that might have lead solder or fittings.  Exposure to lead can cause health problems if it accumulates in your body over time, and can have devastating impacts to the neurological development of young children that are exposed.  It’s important to know there is no lead in the water RWSD sends to your home.

That’s why we want to thank all of our residents that participate in this important program. And if you know of someone that is one of the volunteers – be sure to thank them! For what they’re doing, every six months, is so important to all of us.

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