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Water Efficiency

Governor Polis and Water Education Colorado Launch Water ’22 Initiative to Implore Coloradans to Conserve and Protect Water Amidst Historic Drought, Fires Water-Saving Tips Debuted to Help Coloradans Save 22 Gallons of Water a Day

DENVER – (Jan. 28, 2022) – On Wednesday, just less than a month after one of Colorado’s most destructive fires caused in part by drought, Governor Polis and Water Education Colorado launched Water ’22, a statewide, year-long initiative that implores Coloradans to take an active role in securing the state’s water future.

One of the key ways Water ’22 asks Coloradans to engage is by taking a pledge to engage in “22 Ways to Care for Colorado Water in 2022,” which includes simple actions that can save at least 22 gallons of water per day while keeping waterways clean. This amounts to 8,000 gallons a year for every Coloradan or 48 billion gallons a year across Colorado, which will help protect and preserve the state’s rivers, watersheds and water supplies.

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