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Wastewater Treatment for the Roxborough Community

Sanitary (wastewater) sewer services for the Roxborough community are provided through the South Platte Water Renewal Partners (SPWRP). The SPWRP is the third largest Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in the state of Colorado. It is located at 900 S Platte River Drive in Englewood, CO. The plant continues to operate in full conformity with all Federal and State laws.

To get more information about the plant visit their website at:

Sewer Inspection Information

It is said to be the only thing you can’t see when you are inspecting a house. The sewer drain pipe from a single-family home may connect to public sewer system at a point as deep as 16 feet below grade. So the dirty but important work of drainage happens underground, where blockage can result from a grease build up, flushed debris, the encroachment of tree roots or bad installation. Hence the need for sewer scoping, offered by plumbers and specialty contractors for fees from $99 to about $249. It isn’t part of a standard home inspection, but many investors and home buyers say they wouldn’t do without a good look inside the sewer. First, the technician removes a toilet from the floor, or uncaps a “cleanout” plate inside or outside the house. He feeds in a 150 foot flexible rod with a lighted lens. An image of its journey appears live on a video screen. For an extra $29, the customer can preserve its 5 minute tour on a DVD. Blockages can cause backups and even breakage of the sewer pipes. A Rooter company can clear the tree roots in many cases; however, if the blockage cannot be cleared the replacement of sewer lines can be very expensive. These types of findings during the inspection process can certainly be deal breakers if the seller doesn’t want to pay for the repairs or replacement. RWSD highly recommends that all potential buyers check the condition of the sewer line very carefully before finalizing a purchase. Always take the extra steps to protect your investment.

Information source: Denver Post

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