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FAQs About Water Meters

Who owns the water meter? 

It is owned and maintained by Roxborough Water and Sanitation District (RWSD). It is a highly accurate and dependable water measuring device that registers all the water used in your home.

Where is the water meter Located? 

 On new homes the water meter is placed in the basement, while some of the older homes may have them located outside in a meter pit or in a crawl space.

How does the meter work? 

 A meter records by a sweeping method: the amount of water that passes through is measured in gallons. Basically, the sweep hand is one revolution on the meter for every ten gallons of water. Thus it works just like recording of mileage on an auto odometer.

How do I read the water meter? 

 Just like reading the odometer on your car, you read a water meter from left to right. There are seven digits and you will want to include them all, even the zeros to the left. Going from left to right, the first digit is the millions of gallons, the second digit is hundreds of thousands of gallons, the third digit is tens of thousands of digits, the fourth digit is thousands of gallons, the fifth digit is hundreds of gallons, the sixth digit is tens of gallons and the final far right digit never moves. The single gallons are indicated by the red sweep hand.

What do you mean by “CREEPING” water meter? 

When a water meter is said to be “creeping” it is where the leak indicator dial on your water meter continues to move constantly when there is no water being used in the home – all water fixtures are off. So-called “creeping” is often indicative of a leak or drip somewhere in your home’s water system. Remember, it is your responsibility to find and repair all leaks and drips as soon as possible.

What about meter maintenance? 

As the water meters are the property of RWSD, their maintenance and replacement are the responsibility of the District. Contact the District office if you feel that your meter is not working properly. The District replaces water meters every 10 years.

Do I have to do any maintenance on the water meter? 

While the maintenance of the water meter is performed by RWSD, it is your responsibility to keep the meter Radio Frequency box free of cover and accessible. As the water meter is read by remote, please do not restrict its frequency by covering the meter with debris or other objects. Our field personnel appreciate your cooperation.

How do I know if I need a new water meter? 

Should your meter need to be replaced, you will find a tag hanging on your door notifying you that the District needs to schedule an appointment for access or in the case of an outside meter your water will be turned off briefly while your meter is changed. Note, there is no charge for a replacement meter.


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