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Water Supply

Roxborough’s water comes straight from Rocky Mountain snowmelt, rain, lakes, and rivers (surface water.) Our location is a distinct advantage over those communities who use groundwater (wells, aquifers, etc.). We buy our raw water from the City of Aurora and then get our contracted share of water from Strontia Springs Reservoir which is located just west of Roxborough. An agreement with the City of Aurora (revised in 2017) has secured the water for Roxborough into perpetuity.

A question is often asked about our water bills in comparison to other communities. The expenses for infrastructure, treatment, cost of the water, storage, and delivery are paid by the customers. Roxborough is a much smaller community and so the cost is shared by a much smaller number of customers.

What is the future drought response with respect to watering restrictions?

Under our Agreement with Aurora, Roxborough is required to implement drought response restrictions set by the City.

Is the permanent raw water supply cost ($26.5 million) a one-time fee paid to the City of Aurora?

Yes. This is a one-time purchase fee that secures rights to permanent raw water to Roxborough forever. We are then charged for use based on a cost per 1,000 gallons. See the most recent rate study presentation for the current cost of 1,000 gallons.

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