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FAQs About Discoloration

Water Quality & Aesthetics 

Here at RWSD we not only take the safety of your tap water very seriously, we also care about its overall quality. Thus, while water discoloration in this area is normally due to harmless minerals caused by system maintenance (flushing), even aesthetic issues matter to us. That’s why it’s important to let us know if you experience any water discoloration or have any other water clarity concerns by calling our office at 303-979-7286.

What causes water in Roxborough to be discolored? 

The discoloration consists of naturally occurring harmless minerals (primarily iron and manganese). What happens is when water flows through the pipes, the flow is low (and slow), which can cause these minerals to collect and adhere to the water pipeline walls, especially during winter months. When water demands go up, such as in the spring when people water outdoors, there is a lot of construction activity, or a water line break, the increased water flow can scour these minerals from the pipes.

Is the water safe if it is discolored? 

Yes, even though there are minerals in it, the water remains safe. However, the District does not expect you to use the water when it is discolored. Please contact us because we can’t respond if we don’t know it’s occurring. It’s important to know that the water quality in Roxborough continues to meet and/or exceed Colorado’s strict drinking water standards.

Do other water providers have water discoloration problems? 

Yes, this is a common problem for water providers everywhere. That’s why flushing is a common procedure to clean out the water pipelines each spring or early summer. Due to minerals accumulating in the pipelines, Denver Water, Parker, Inverness, Aurora, Cottonwood, Centennial, Boulder, etc. all use flushing and have had issues with water discoloration occurrences

What should I do if my water is discolored? 

 Contact us immediately, 24/7, and we will send out a field technician to flush the pipes and ensure water to your home is flowing clearly. Please call us at 303-979-7286. Once our field technicians have completed the flushing of the system, you should open the cold water on a tub faucet at the highest elevation point in your home and let it run until it runs clear to flush the service line and your homes internal plumbing.

Can I still do laundry when the water is discolored? 

It is recommended that you do NOT wash clothes when there is any discoloration in the water to avoid the possibility that it could stain any clothing. Please contact us immediately 365 days a year, 24/7 if you have any water discolorations before doing any laundry.

What if my cold water runs clear, but my hot water is discolored? 

If this occurs, we suggest draining and refilling the hot water tank. Most manufactures of hot water heaters recommend annually draining your heater to flush out any accumulated minerals. Make sure to do this cautiously and follow all your manufacturer’s warnings to avoid getting burned, damaging your equipment or voiding your warranty.



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