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Roxborough WSD staff flush fire hydrants in the area whenever we receive discolored water complaints. When the water is clear in the main and discolored in the home, that usually means there is a build up of minerals somewhere inside the house. RWSD’s water supply is mountain surface water (streams and snow melt), as such it is considered moderately hard, which means there is calcium. There are also trace amounts of dissolved iron and manganese. When the water is heated in your hot water heater or run through a filter, the dissolved minerals can make the calcium appear brown or green. If you haven’t flushed your hot water heater in a while, the discolored calcium may have collected there, and you’ll see it in sinks and tubs. If you have a tankless hot water heater, you may need to flush it more frequently than the manufacturer’s recommendation. If you have a whole house filter, you may need to clean or replace the filter. You might also want to clean the aerators on your faucets.

RWSD tests the water in the distribution system regularly, and water meets or exceeds all state and federal standards for safe drinking water.

That’s why it’s important to let us know if you experience any water discoloration or have any other water clarity concerns by calling our office at 303-979-7286.

Learn more about Flushing of Hydrants in the videos linked below:
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