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Exciting New Developments

A lush garden with purple flowers, greenery, and a stone path.

It’s a new year and I’m looking forward to sharing exciting new developments at RoxWater with our residents.

The first is a renewed commitment to water conservation in the District.  To encourage that renewed commitment, the District will be participating in the Garden in a Box program.  Garden in a Box is a program developed by the nonprofit Resource Central.  They design a menu of low-water-use gardens with specific themes and developed for different sun exposures.  Here’s a link to a preview of the 2019 gardens:

The first 25 residents that decide to participate in the program will be eligible for a $25 coupon to offset a portion of the cost of the qualifying gardens.  You will select the garden of your choice and pick it up at a designated location.

The gardens come with alternative patterns that provide planting instructions based on the size of your space.  It’s a little like paint-by-numbers.

My family and I replaced the sod in our front yard with a Garden in a Box in 2018.  The whole project was easy and fun!  We removed the sod, added soil amendments, placed weed guard down, and then planted according to the pattern we’d selected.  Once the plants were in, we spread mulch around the plants and we were finished.  In less than a weekend, we had a new yard.

Check back for future updates to this blog to hear about other new developments at the District.  I’m excited about the steps the District is taking to incorporate new tools that will support our operations, help us control costs, and efficiently manage operations and maintenance.  Be assured your District’s team remains dedicated to providing you with safe, clean drinking water and efficient wastewater removal 365 days a year. Thank you for your continued support in keeping Roxborough a water-efficient community.

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