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Keeping the Waterlines Clean

Like most public water systems, annually RWSD flushes its entire water distribution system. Water distribution pipes carry water in an underground, “grid like” system, and each spring these pipes require maintenance. The main purpose of flushing is to rid the pipes of any buildup of naturally occurring, harmless minerals that have adhered to interior walls during the winter months.

A pickup truck with a snow plow clearing snow.

When the water consumption slows down during winter months, the velocity of the water slows, allowing natural minerals like iron and manganese to adhere in the pipe. To rid the pipes of those minerals we artificially simulate high rate, directional flow through the pipes and discharge the water through fire hydrants. This also allows us to verify hydrant functionality each year. During this process, all pressure zones are flushed from the storage tank to the end of the respective zone. The Field Team typically flushes the system in the early spring before the irrigation season starts while water demands are still low. This year’s flushing is scheduled for early to begin Monday April 12 in Roxborough Park. RWSD’s operators will post notices on electronic traffic signs before flushing begins in your area. For any questions about flushing call us at 303-797-7286 or read our FAQs about flushing by clicking here and selecting “Hydrant Flushing”.

So, when you see our Field Team out working on the hydrants, look for their white RWSD truck, give them the space to do their job, and maybe thank them for all their hard work.

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