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Thank an Operator or Field Technician

Now that we’re over four months into the global coronavirus pandemic, I’d like to highlight the hard work the operations staff at RWSD puts into serving the community’s water and wastewater needs.

We operate the entire RWSD system – treatment, distribution, and wastewater collection – with only 8 staff members plus the Director of Operations and the Operations Administrator.  These dedicated professionals are essential personnel in this crisis.  They make sure the community always has fresh water to drink and wash with, and safe and effective wastewater collection and transmission 24/7.  They have been at work throughout the pandemic, in addition to caring for their families.

The next time you see them working in your neighborhood, think about saying thanks.  I promise they hear it from me all the time, but it would be great if they heard it from the community as well.

Thank you for continuing to do your part of using water efficiently. It does make a difference. It is also important to join your neighbors in being thoughtful about what you put down the drain or flush.  Never flush anything but human waste and toilet paper – “flushable” wipes are not flushable, and can clog your service line, which can cause expensive and nasty sewage backups.  The same goes for fats, oils and grease – never wash them down the drain.

Water is a precious resource for all of us, but it takes all of us to protect it and use it wisely.  With everyone’s help we can keep Roxborough a water-efficient community.  

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