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What's Going on With My Water Pressure

Every year around this time of year we start to get calls from residents concerned about their water pressure.  As everyone turns on their irrigation systems, there’s more demand on your service line, and that can affect water pressure.  Since 1995, the District has required all residences in our service area to have a pressure reducing valve or PRV.  Improving your water pressure can be as simple as adjusting or replacing your PRV, or adding a PRV if you don’t currently have one. 

Here are some examples of PRVs that are readily available, and a quick Google search will show these and many other alternatives:

Various water pressure reducing valves and backflow preventers with prices and supplier names.

If your home was constructed prior to 1995, you should consider installing a PRV.  If your home has a PRV, it may need to be adjusted or replaced.  Your PRV is your responsibility.  RWSD maintains the distribution system up to your property line.  Everything from your property line and throughout your home and property is your responsibility.

The District has purchased several pressure monitors that you are welcome to check out from the office and use to check your water pressure.

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